New Location

We are now located at 2211 Association Dr. Suite 100 in Okemos Michigan, 48864.

Our Mission

Our clinic's mission is to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary care for intractable chronic pain.

This clinic provides conservative options, such as physical therapy, muscle stimulation, and related physical modalities. Our pain psychologist can assist with pain coping strategies, medication management, as well as behavioral and cognitive services. Through our interventional techniques, we can treat pain from spinal disease, vascular disease, post-amputation, compression fractures, fibromyalgia, and various forms of degenerative arthritis.

Dr. Richard Ferro

Dr. Richard S. Ferro, MS, DO, FAAPM, Board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management.

Has been in practice for 25 years, and specializes in intractable pain which is unresponsive for treatment, conservative and aggressive. This practice has performed a number of firsts for the state of Michigan. Among these are the 1st Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for the control of Occipital Headaches and the 1st Retrograde Selective Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pelvic and Bladder Pain. A number of our patients have failed other pain clinics and spinal surgeries. We are involved in the education of other pain physicians from not only Michigan, but all over the United States. With respect to the other pain clinics in the region, our reputation is that we are more aggressive and interventional than most. We have placed more spinal cord stimulators and pumps than most large university based and hospital based practices.  We do what most other centers won't and don't have  the training or experience to do.

Referral to Dr. Ferro

Patients will need a referral to see Dr. Ferro.  Please see the section on scheduling before you call.  Thank you

Referral to Dr. Ezzo

Patients can self-refer to see Dr. Ezzo

Dr. Ezzo

Dr. Michael J. Ezzo, Ed.D.

Dr. Ezzo received his doctorate in 1986 from Western Michigan University and did his post graduate work as an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Osteopathic Medicine.  He has spent his carreer either writing or designing software or working in a clinical setting.

Dr. Ezzo specializes in Neuropsychology with a speciality in pain management.  Currently, Dr. Ezzo is designing neuro and biofeedback interfaces to help patients with migraines, concentration and attention problems, reading disorders, or chronic pain.

EF Chronic Pain Scale

In an attempt to better measure pain we are refining this pain scale.  If you have questions please let us know at

0 -     No pain

1        My pain is minimally present

2        My pain signal is constant and is bugging me

3        My Pain signal intermittent  and annoying or distracting

4        Pain is constant but not as strong

5        Pain signals are strong but intermittent

6        Pain signals are strong and constant (it's more time consuming to               do activities-of-daily-living)

7        Current pain strategies are not working

                    I need to change strategies  and I usually find something                               that will work

                    If it was night I could not sleep

8        Current pain strategies are not working and I'm feeling desperate

9        I Cannot focus on anything my

          Medications are not working and I'm having difficulty applying            any strategies  - I Just want to lie down and try to sleep

10     All strategies are not working and I require medical assistance

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